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Health Insurance For Poland

In Poland, health insurance, overseen by the National Health Fund (NFZ), guarantees access to essential medical services through mandatory social insurance contributions and supplementary options for private coverage.

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How Does This Process Work?

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1. Talk to Executive

You will receive a call from us within 60 minutes (during working hours)

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2. Submit Details

Submit necessary details for the Blocked Account through an online form.

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3. Confirmation Letter

You Will Receive An Email Confirming Your Health Insurance From TK Within 1-2 Working Days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I should apply for insurance now?

1. Registering now ensures a smooth enrolment process in Poland.
2. Insurance card will be ready by the time you reach Poland.

I have submitted the form, what's next?

You will receive an email confirming your health insurance from TK within 1-2 working days.

Do I have to pay anything extra for this service?

Absolutely NO. You only pay the standard health insurance amount monthly which is mandatory. There are no additional or hidden costs for this service.

Can I change my university after registration?

Yes, Insurance is independent of University or the city. It is valid all over Poland. This is valid even if u move to different city later of internship or thesis.

Which insurance company is best?

As public insurances are regulated by German government all the insurance companies must provide proper health coverage. Therefore there are no big differences. However, TK has the best coverage and is the biggest health insurance company in Poland.

What will I receive after applying to tk health insurance here?

After you applied Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) online, you will receive a welcome email from TK within 24 hours, which includes the following documents:
1. Insurance confirmation (Versicherungsbescheinigung)
2. University notification (Meldung der Hochschule an die TK)

Will my german consulate accept this travel insurance?

Yes, it is officially confirmed with all German consulates in India. They will accept this Health Insurance.

Do I have to pay anything now?

No, You start to pay only after your arrival i.e. after semester start. The first premium will be booked on 15th of the following month of your arrival.

I have some health issues, will it be covered?

Yes, All the existing medical problems will be covered by Public Health Insurance

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