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Blocked Account For Poland

All international students must open a blocked account before attending the visa interview

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How Does This Process Work?

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1. Talk to Executive

You will receive a call from us within 60 minutes (during working hours)

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2. Submit Details

Submit necessary details for the Blocked Account through an online form.

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3. Blocking Confirmation

Receive Blocked Account opening Confirmation within 24 Hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Blocked Account?

A blocked account is basically a proof of payment that shows you will be able to support your own living expenses while in Poland. The money is ‘blocked’ until you have arrived in Poland. To release the funds, all you have to do is show a proof of address and or enrolment. They will then be deposited monthly into your own German bank account that is accessible for your living expenses.

Can I use the blocked account to pay my monthly rent and other expenses?

No, you cannot.You cannot use your Blocked Account to pay your monthly rent or other daily expenses. The Blocked Account is not available for any transfers or payments except for the monthly disbursement to your Poland Current Account. This is the case because of the Blocked Account’s sole purpose is to secure the living costs of a foreign student while studying in Poland.

Do I have to pay the administration fees separately?

No. The set-up and service fees will be included in the Total Blocked Amount. No need for additional transfers.

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